GYM Management System


More and more Indians are growing health cautious day by day as a result Gym’s are springing up in almost every neighborhood of the city. Majority of the Gym’s still use pen and paper method to track payments, manage trainer and trainee attendance and other relevant data. This causes not only piling up of record books but also becomes a difficult and tedious task to retrieve information from the record books.

The Gym management system project aims to overcome all this by providing an online platform wherein every information can be entered and retrieved easily.

Scope of Gym Management System Project

  •  Storing information of trainees and trainers..
  •  Check validity of information provided by user.
  •  Storing information of members according to their id.
  •  Generating reports for different id.

Technologies Used

  1. HTML (Front-End)
  2. PHP (Back-End)
  3. CSS
  4. Java Script
  5. MySQL (Database)

Features of GYM Management System

  • The application is capable enough to allow the concerned person to store and retrieve any type of record with just some clicks of a mouse.
  • All the data pertaining to transactions or other important entities is kept at central database from where its attributes can be easily controlled.
  • Data redundancy is no more the problem now. The data modified from one particular data entry form will reflect the modifications at the other related forms too. This has thus reduced the chances of data inconsistency in our data storage.
  • There is no need to manage bulky registers now as data stored in the backend database can be readily retrieved either from the frontend form itself or directly from the database.
  • Effective Search measures are present at each and every data transactional forms from where by just entering a Unique keyword for that data its whole records can be readily seen within microseconds.
  • The application also has a website in the root directory for displaying information about the GYM to the users.
  • Provision to send SMS and Email reminders to users.
  • Attendance Management of trainers.

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